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Helping growing businesses succeed is my mission



Clients have a tough field to navigate in business.  There is no “book” to how it’s done.  Our advisory services will help client achieve success. 

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Business Taxes

Preparation of tax returns, secretary of state forms and other compliance work is needed and  we are there to serve you during the year with advice on how to increase profits and reduce taxes. 

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Fractional CFO

Often a business does not need a full-time accountant, or has one, but that person wears many hats.  Further, the accountant may be self-taught.  We are here to supplement that last 10% of knowledge. 

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Business Valuations

Be it a sale of the company, a gift of company stock or another reason you need a formal valuation, we will help you navigate the process and provide you with a written report. 

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Exit Planning

The age-old wisdom, know how you are going to get out of a business when you start a business, could not be more true.  Whether it is shoring up your operations, improving your human capital, locking down your customers, we are here to assist you.

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