Exit Planning



Be prepared financially and emotionally for life after the sale

Is it time to retire? Is it time to sell your business? Is it time to let someone new run the show?

Often times a business owner thinks they are ready to retire. But that is not the case. Something you put your life into can not simply be sold off in a moment. Careful planning goes into preparing to sell. Are you financially and emotionally ready to sell? Are you prepared for life after the sale?

We look to ensure you are financial ready, personally ready and from a business standpoint, ready to move on. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, there are tips and tools to preparing to sell.

Like staging a home for sale, a business needs a good look over for areas to improve and make ready for sale. Lots of small businesses go up for sale every year, but most do not sell. Why? They are not ready to be sold.

Zack holds the Certified Exit Planning Advisor credential from the Exit Planning Institute. Call us for a conversation about the next step.